On behalf ofTaiwan Bar Association (hereinafter referred to as the "TWBA"),it's my greatest pleasure to thank you for supporting TWBA.Since the Attorney Regulation Act Amendment Seminar was held by the Ministry of Justice in 2006, the amendments to the Attorney Regulation Act have been successfully completed after more than 13 years' negotiations and discussions among multiple parties. First of all, I would like to thank again the Executive Yuan, the Ministry of Justice, the Legislative Yuan, the Judicial Yuan, and other government agencies for their instructions and assistance, as well as the local associations for their support and suggestions. The TWBAhas completed the structural reform, implemented the liberalization of legal practice, the single membership, the direct election of the TWBA's organization, and other important policies. In addition, TWBA, in response to the expectations of the public, has resolved the long-pending disputes over the ineligibility of judiciary staff involving corruption as attorneys, and reformed and deepened the attorney disciplinary system, and the attorneys' on-the-job training and obligation to participate in social welfare. The emergence of the new Attorney Regulation Act will allow all attorneys and 16 local bar associations in Taiwan to work together again to create a new future for the legal profession.

In the course of amending the Attorney Regulation Act, all sectors of the community have incessantly appealed the attorneys' continuing studies. To this regard, this joint election manifesto calls for "attorneys institute, one-stop professional training". In addition, to improve the attorneys' professional knowledge and respond to social expectations, on the one hand, when invited by the Executive Yuan to discuss the draft amendment of the Attorney Regulation Act,the TWBA vigorously promoted the inclusion of "attorneys shall persistently attend the Continuing Legal Education (CLE)" in the Act; on the other hand, upon active planning, the TWBA formally established an "Attorneys Institute" on October 16, 2019. From "orientation training" to "on-the-job training" for attorneys, the Attorneys Institute has established a complete, professional, and integrated system to strengthen the professional knowledge of attorneys, integrate the resource characteristics of local bar associations, and provide a platform for the exchange of practice experiences, with a view to strengthening the protection of human rights, safeguarding the dignity of attorneys, and promoting democracy and the rule of law.

In the future, the Attorneys Institute will set up professional program committees for "real estate law", "family law", "labor law", "construction and engineering law", "finance and securities law", "tax law", "medical law" and "intellectual property law", which consist of professors, associate professors, or assistant professors with academic and practical experience in each field, or procurators and judges with investigation and trial experience in the field. Currently, the Attorneys Institute has selected members of the professional program committees for "medical law", "construction and engineering law", and "finance and securities law" from experts in each field. The faculty of the Attorneys Institute is strong and diverse, and will always be the strong supporter of attorneys. The Attorneys Institute also looks forward to the kind advice and assistance from all sectors of the community at any time.

In the end, we must explain to members of the TWBA that, in order to facilitate the implementation of the new Attorney Regulation Act, the TWBA has started to cooperate with local bar associations in accordance with the provisions of the new Attorney Regulation Act, and is preparing for the election of the chairman, vice chairman, directors, supervisors, and member representatives of the TWBA stipulated in the new Attorney Regulation Act, so that the newly formed TWBA team can complete the formulation of new articles of incorporation and related measures as soon as possible after smoothly taking office on January 1, 2021, and lead all attorneys in Taiwan toward a new milestone.

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